Tracy Banghart

Tracy Banghart's books on Goodreads

Rebel Wing Rebel Wing (Rebel Wing #1)
reviews: 118
ratings: 199 (avg rating 4.18)

By Blood By Blood (By Blood, #1)
reviews: 50
ratings: 88 (avg rating 3.97)

Moon Child Moon Child (Prequel to By Blood)
reviews: 27
ratings: 49 (avg rating 3.86)

Storm Fall Storm Fall (Rebel Wing, #2)
reviews: 27
ratings: 41 (avg rating 4.22)

What the Sea Wants What the Sea Wants
reviews: 5
ratings: 20 (avg rating 3.10)

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    A Very Special Giveaway

    Happy Monday! Today kicks off the amazingly awesome BY BLOOD BLOG TOUR!! The full schedule is available HERE and is hosted by Xpresso Blog Tours, the awesomest blog tour organizer ever!

    I'm so excited for this tour - there will be lots of reviews of both By Blood and Moon well as interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and Top 10 Lists (ever wonder about my top 10 favorite places in the UK? NOT TO WORRY - you will find out soon enough! ;-))

    In addition, the tour features a massive contest with TONS of prizes! To enter, see the lovely Rafflecopter below:

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    And if THAT isn't enough, I'm hosting another little giveaway right here on this blog! Here are the deets:

    I always love to hear what people have to say about my books! Reviews are an important part of any author's sales "pitch" to potential readers. If you read and reviewed By Blood or Moon Child on Amazon and/or Goodreads, I would love to thank you for sharing your thoughts about the book! Just post a link to the review in the comments and I'll send you a signed, paperback, PRE-RELEASE copy of my next novel SHATTERED VEIL (Feb 2014) this fall. (If you haven't read By Blood or Moon Child yet, not to worry! The giveaway runs until the end of the tour, Oct 4, so you've got lots of time to read and review, if you choose. :-))

    What is SHATTERED VEIL, you ask? 

    WELL. Thanks for asking! ;-)

    It is the first book in my new NA scifi series! Here's the quick and dirty:

    When the man she loves is Selected for Military and sent to war, Aris Haan gives up everything - her home, her name, even her face - to be with him, only to discover that her new role as a Military Flyer has much larger implications - it could change the fate of her entire nation.

    Sound interesting? :-)

    More about that soon!

    In the meantime, good luck in the giveaway, and thanks so much for checking out the By Blood series! If you'd like more info on new releases, contests, and other fun stuff, be sure to sign up for my newsletter (sign-up to the right)!



    More Praise for By Blood!

    The San Francisco Book Review had this to say about By Blood...

    By Blood
    By Tracy E. Banghart
    Tracy E. Banghart, $2.99, 368 pages, Format: eBook

    Star Rating: 4 out of 5

    American teen Emma Wong has been condemned to spend her summer in England with a mother she hates, a father-in-law she can’t respect, and an infant brother who couldn’t possibly be actually related to her. Nothing, not even the attention of two gorgeous guys, or the fact that she’s technically of legal drinking age in England, can fully distract her from her ever-worsening disappointment. Nothing, that is, until she is drawn into a friendly-seeming group who call themselves Druids. They teach her to be at peace with herself and to be one with nature. But their simple rituals and celebration of life soon take a darker turn, and the question becomes: is this merely a cult, or is there actual power in what they are doing? And, either way, what are their true goals, and how dangerous could they become to themselves and to others?

    By Blood captures Emma’s adolescent confusion, frustration, exasperation, and her desperation to fit in, as she staggers between her family issues and the irresistible magnetism of the Druids and their leader, Simon. Along the way, the story touches on questions of rebellion, independence, family, identity, and belonging. In a genre overpopulated with modern fantasy stories, By Blood keeps its feet planted on the ground as Emma simultaneously yearns for something magical to believe in, but also quests for proof, of solidity and reality, all while disoriented by a haze of hormones and alcohol.

    The first-person narration can be frustrating at points when Emma dithers over which boy she prefers, but by frustrating the reader, it also captures her own emotional state, enacting her turmoil as she avoids thinking about the critical problems in her life. Overall, it is quite a worthwhile read, and while readers may either sympathize with Emma or not, those issues that she encounters are, in the end, genuinely thought-provoking.


    YAY!!! :-D I love this review. I love that the reviewer didn't always LIKE Emma but did feel she was an authentic teen character and understood what she was going through (I didn't always like Emma either when I was writing her, but I didn't always like myself as teenager either!). The reviewer also seemed to pick up on and respond to the themes of the book, which is amazing. Hooray!! And... 4 STARS! WHOO HOO!!!


    Big Weekend!

    I'm very excited to announce that MOON CHILD is now available in both print and ebook! I believe the Nook and Kindle versions are up and running, with lots more formats available through Smashwords starting tomorrow. To celebrate the release, MOON CHILD is on sale for $0.99 until Friday! I hope you get a chance to pick up a copy...and that you enjoy it! (For more info, and to read the first chapter, click on the "Moon Child" tab above.)


    And as an added bonus, today only you can download a copy of BY BLOOD for free! Just click on the image - it'll take you to Amazon.

    You can read By Blood and Moon Child in any order...while they share several characters, they're meant to be standalone stories. :-)

    I hope you enjoy!


    By Blood Review: The Portland Book Review

    I'm so proud to share with you the following review from The Portland Book Review. :-)

    By Blood

    By Tracy E. Banghart

    If you are looking for a YA summer read that is full of adventure, family drama, romance and mystery, look no further than Tracy Banghart’s novel By Blood. The action begins immediately as readers find 17-year-old Emma Wong trapped on a plane bound for Oxford, England. It is summer and vacationing in London is the last thing Emma had in mind. She pictured hanging out with her dad, not babysitting her stepbrother Fermin (a.k.a. Vermin). She doesn’t want to meet her stepfather and she certainly doesn’t want to spend any time with her mother, the very woman who abandoned both her and her dad when Emma was just a little girl. But it is Mom’s turn for visitation and Emma has to try to make the most of it.

    Whether you’ve had the pleasure of traveling to a foreign country or not, you’ll enjoy reading about Emma’s journey throughout London. Author Tracy Banghart writes about navigating planes, streets, cities and unknown tourist destinations in a way that brings readers right into the scenes along with Emma. A particularly laugh-out-loud moment occurs when Emma, pushing a crying Fermin’s stroller round and round a Roundabout, gets completely overwhelmed by the horns, bikes, cars, dogs, foreign languages and beautiful buildings that surround her.

    Yet it is this chaos and excitement, this diversity of experiences, that opens Emma’s eyes to the world, people and possibilities she has been ignoring. Meeting Ash, who is “a hairy armpit away from full-on hippie,” is just the beginning. Ash and her friend Simon are Druids who get strength and power from exercises meant to connect them to the earth. But in this modern world, these practitioners of ancient rituals feel quite invisible. Emma knows the feeling all too well and is drawn to them right away. Plus, Ash can get Fermin to stop crying almost immediately! That’s a good friend to have around when you are babysitting! How will Emma react to Simon and Ash’s Druid beliefs?

    Banghart keeps this YA novel moving along with her witty dialogue and flashbacks to Emma’s “better times.” Readers get to know Emma’s friends, Diana and Helen, and her dad in these reflections on the past.

    Perhaps the best part of this book is Banghart’s sense of humor and comedic timing. Emma is snarky and very funny which means she says some wild things to other characters. But thanks to Banghart’s use of inner dialogue, readers get to absorb every sarcastic comment Emma wishes she could say, which makes her all the more lovable. The plot is great and the suspense leading up to the ending will have you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy this book, check out the companion novel Moon Child in August of this year!


    Yay! :-) Check back tomorrow for the reveal of Moon Child's cover!


    Who Doesn't Like FREE?! :-)

    I'm really sorry for the radio silence on the blog the last few days. The packing and preparing to move has been just a *wee* bit overwhelming. I'll be VERY happy next week, when we're settled in the new house and not worried about how we're going to move the 200lb antique buffett in our dining room. O_O

    At any rate, I DID want to stop in and mention that BY BLOOD is FREE on Amazon Kindle today and tomorrow!! So if you're looking for a fun/mysterious/romantic read for your long weekend...or a vacation or beach weekend coming up later in the summer, be sure to download your copy now! Here's the LINK.

    Also, BY BLOOD's new cover is being featured in a fun blog hop over at author Noelle Blakely's blog...if you love the cover, you can vote for it! Plus, there are some super cool prizes! :-)

    Happy reading!