My little Aris, all grown up
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 03:58AM
Tracy in Rebel Wing, Torn Sky

Today TORN SKY, the third book in the REBEL WING series, is unleashed on the world. My mind is not quite grasping that yet, so I want to talk about why I love this series so much, why Rebel Wing is the book of my heart, and what's next for me. 

Me in my lucky dress, holding a bouquet of paper flowers made from the Rebel Wing series

The Rebel Wing series is particularly dear to my heart because it features a lot of really strong, powerful women. They aren't all strong in the same ways, but they ALL were aspirational for me as I was writing. I wanted to have Aris's strength of will, Dysis's unapologetic badassery, Galena's power to survive and overcome. I still do! At the end of the first book, one of my favorite characters, Dianthe, tells Aris, "you are strong enough." That has become a sort of mantra for me. It's not just about being strong enough to deal with the crap life dishes out. It's also about being strong enough to change my lifestyle, or exercise more, or drag myself out of bed when I've stayed up too late reading and my toddler is READY TO GO. It's about being strong enough to be myself, to love the people and things I love, to let my nerd flag fly. Strong enough to be a woman and a feminist and a believer that we can do better for this world...and that starts with me being better to those around me, better to the environment, better to myself. If there is one thing, one single thing, I hope my readers get out of reading this series, it's this : "YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH."

For whatever you HAVE to face, and for whatever you WANT to do or become. Chase your dreams, believe in yourself, believe you can change and grow, believe you can triumph. 

When I was writing the original draft of REBEL WING, I was really low on confidence and tough stuff was going on in my life. My husband was deployed. I'd written two books that hadn't sold to publishers. I was feeling lonely, discouraged, physically weak, and unsure that the life I wanted was within my grasp. Like Aris, I needed someone to remind me that I was strong enough. That's why REBEL WING is the book of my heart. Writing it, I went through as much of a transformation as Aris did. I found faith in myself again, in my writing, just when I needed it most.

I cried a lot writing TORN SKY. It was difficult saying goodbye to Aris and Dysis and the men who supported them and grew with them. It was hard to let them all go. But I am really happy with the way their stories played out, and I hope you will be too. 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring about Aris and her adventures, and for joining us for this final chapter. Aw, jeez. There I go again. Excuse me, I need to find a tissue.


As for what's next, I've got a few exciting things in the pipeline. A weird little short story in a Time Travel anthology coming out this fall (that may just be the start of a new series, WE SHALL SEE ;-)), a fantasy you may be able to get your hands on in the spring, and another secret project or two coming along after that. So, ya know...there's lots more to come! Stay tuned and happy reading!

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